Thursday, October 19, 2017

NBA 2K18 – Improve your team's scoring with Rim Rockers MyTeam Players

Rim Rockers is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam collection of cards that includes players with driving and dunking as some of their strongest abilities.

A new NBA 2K18 collection was recently added to MyTeam mode. This is the Rim Rockers set and it has carefully selected players that enhance the team's chances to score. All the basketball players from this collection have amazing dunking skills and good driving abilities. These players are unmatched when it comes to driving towards the basket and scoring. They are practically unstoppable. Their moves and abilities can easily break through the enemy defense. Having such a player on the team does not only make scoring easier but also makes the game more fun. They can be used for a variety of situations. There are players in this collection that are capable of doing posterizing dunks and spectacular finishers. The grand reward for acquiring all players in this set is a well-known basketball player. It's Kobe Bryant. His card depicts him with his famous hair style that made him gain the nickname Frobe. The Rim Rockers collection is part of the Premium collections program. A new collection is released each week. Players are encouraged to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook each Tuesday to see when a new collection is released.

Michael Cooper is a sapphire player card. This card has multiple characteristics and it can be used in more than one ways. The player has a fantastic drive and score ability. It also has good defense. Shawn Kemp is a card with good speed and athleticism. This card's position is power forward. Cedric Ceballos has 97 driving dunk and 95 standing dunk. Andre Iguodala is another sapphire card from this collection. He has good defense and athleticism. Dwight Howard is a player with amazing rebound and block abilities. Terrence Ross is an emerald card that has great dunk moves. Jeremy Evans is a gold card. His position is power forward with athleticism as one of his best stats. The reward for acquiring all players is Kobe Bryant. The card has gold badges such as lob city finisher and posterizer. All of these cards and many others are found in packs bought from the pack market.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Still thinking about purchasing NBA Live 18? Try the demo first!

An NBA Live 18 demo that allows players to try the intro from The One, online matches and offline challenges, is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Players that are still undecided about purchasing NBA Live 18, are invited to try the free demo. The game is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The demo can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation store or the Microsoft store. Here is what players will experience when playing the demo.

The One is a single player mode in which players find out what is it like to become a professional basketball player. They will start from the bottom, train, go from the Streets to the League, and play in the most important NBA games. Thanks to the demo, players have the possibility to get a taste of this mode. The part of The One that is included in the demo is called The Rise. This portion of the story represents the player's first steps towards professional basketball. This is the intro to The One mode. Players are mere rookies who are training for the NBA draft. Once players have finished Chapter 2 from The Rise, they are allowed to try two more game modes. Play Now is one of these two. This is an offline mode. Players are given the opportunity to play with some of the best NBA teams. Live Run is the second mode unlocked after finishing The Venice Game. Unlike Play Now, this one is an online mode. In this case, online equals competition. Players will be able to take part in pick-up games. These matches are the best chance to sample the competitive side of NBA Live 18. Live events are another game feature that is available to try in the demo. Players will participate in takedown live events. These are a series of challenges where players match skills against NBA players and popular YouTubers. The demo also includes practice modes so players can learn more about the game before challenging other users. All sorts of basketball drills are available. Players can even hone their skills in the Drew League alongside famous NBA players.